My Grand Canyon Tour


My trip was fun by watching places that are like deserts for example Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon is a quite place. If you are quiet then you can hear a unusual sound which gives you  peace because you are between the nature!!!! Grand Canyon is one of the tourist places which is filled with canyons . Canyon is now home to many  large mammals that are extinct. It’s 277 river miles (446 km ) long, up to 18 miles(29km) wide, and a mile (1.6 km ) deep. Grand Canyon is located in Arizona.



  Well wait a second a help from the Erosion sculpts. How is Erosion sculpts related to the Grand Canyon? First let’s go back about 12000 years ago if you look at the pictures of the Canyons of that time then they would probably look like hills. The rivers between the hills carved the mountains  and slowly after 12000 years they become canyons. So basically the rivers helped make the canyons. That’s why it is known as the Erosion Sculpts.


The Havasupai Tribe lived in Grand Canyon for the past 800 years and this tribe is a American Indian tribe. Havasu means blue-green-water and pai means water so if we combine them then it’s going to be blue-green-water people.



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