Presidential election of 1864 was a decisive moment for the Civil War

There is no doubt that presidential election of 1864 was a decisive moment for the Civil War. The 1864 presidential election were fought between Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan. The election of 1864 took place during the civil war. None of the states loyal to the Confederate States of America participated in president elections.. Republicans loyal to Lincoln, in opposition to a group of Republican dissidents who nominated John C. Frémont, joined with a number of War Democrats to form the National Union Party. The new political party was formed to accommodate the War Democrats. The objective of Lincoln was very clear. He was in no mood to provide any type of concession to southern states. His ultimate goal was unified America at any cost. On the other hand McClellan ran on an anti-war platform, promising that he would negotiate peace terms with the Confederacy to help end the war as soon as possible. He was not in favor of any war.

In elections Lincoln got 400,000 popular votes and easily won the election. It was the first time in the history of America, when citizens serving as soldiers in the field to cast their votes. Lincoln was very popular with soldiers, hence majority of the solders voted in favor of Lincoln. The results of the election conformed that people of north states were in favor of war. They considered Lincoln as a great leader and administrator. The people of nothing sates were also in favor of abolishing slavery. The result also shows that people wanted Lincoln to lead the country in upcoming wars.

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